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A lift pass is a personal transport ticket. It may not be sold, transmitted or loaned free of charge or in exchange for payment.
A lift pass cannot be cancelled or refunded (except in the situations described in our general terms and conditions of sale).



We accept French chèques vacances holiday vouchers.

Online sale: Chèques-vacances Connect only.

Chèques-Vacances Classic can be exchanged for Chèques-Vacances Connect by logging on to

At the sales desk: Chèques-vacances Classic only, with no maximum amount. No change will be given.

If you want to order a Family or Tribu pack and pay with traditional paper vouchers, please contact us in advance. We will send you a special order form to enable you to benefit from the discounted online price. 

Please bear in mind that your order (and the chèques vacances) must reach us at least 15 days before your first ski day.

Caution: If your children are going to be attending ski school, please contact the ski school before choosing a family pack or any other package deal. The two offers cannot be combined.

You can pay by American Express at the sales desks or online.

Interest-free payment in three instalments is available via our website (not at the sales desks) and ONLY for:


-SEASON or ANNUAL passes



The “button” for this option is on the payment page.

You will have to submit a dossier to the loan company.

The instalments are payable in the month of the order and the next two months.


Yes, some passes are proposed at a discounted rate only via our website.

These are the Family and Tribu packs and the Saturday and Spring offers.

Caution: specific conditions apply to all package deals.

Each resort in the ski area has its own beginner’s pass. For your first purchase, we advise asking our sales staff for information and advice

Generally speaking, none of the reduced rate passes or pedestrian tickets are available online.


Exceptions: special offer codes / certain pedestrian passes / ski passes for under 5s and over 72s


Caution: photo and proof of age are required for passes for under 5s and over 72s. Please allow 48 hours for validation and processing.

The prices are available here


Note that even if you do not use the lifts, you must have a pass for cross-country skiing in your possession.

This fee, which is payable, is contribution that helps pay for maintenance of the cross-country ski area (grooming, signs, servicing).

You can purchase a card for 10 undated, non-consecutive days, valid all season, via our website.

If you wish to buy just one undated day, please go to a sales desk or contact our teams.

We proposed reduced mobility prices according to the invalidity rate indicated on the CMI disability card.

This kind of pass is only available from the sales desks on presentation of the CMI disability card, along with proof of your identity and a photo (cellphone selfie or, if you have none, we have a camera).


€18.50 with the 80% or CMI “disability” card

€37 for an accompanying adult if indicated on the card. The accompanying adult pass must be valid for the same dates and same duration as the Handiski pass.

€31 with the 50-75% or CMI “priority” card

The pass price does not include the actual card or insurance.

€2 for a rechargeable card if you do not already have one. Rechargeable cards from other resorts are accepted provided the number starts with 01-1614…

€3.50/day for insurance

See here for the list of lifts accessible to Handiski seats here


Lift passes are dated and ski days are consecutive (except for the 10 non-consecutive day card).

Any days not used during pass validity will not be refunded or postponed.

Please proceed as follows:


Buy your 10-day individual pass or Family/Tribu pack online or at the sales desk.

On your last ski day, when you have finished skiing, go to one of our sales desks with all the cards concerned by your order and ask for the number of extra days required to be added.

You can add between 1 and 5 extra consecutive days immediately after expiry of your 10-day pass.

This is how long it takes us to validate your proof of identity/age.

Ski insurance is a specific product. Insurance is not mandatory but strongly recommended.

If you are involved in an accident on the slopes, you will have to pay for the cost of search and rescue / medical repatriation.

You can take out personal insurance or purchase the insurance cover proposed by our company.

Insurance will always be proposed when buying online or at our sales desks.

  • For holiday passes: Assur’gliss. The price is €3.50/day.

For season/annual passes, we propose Carte Neige:

Details of cover are available here:


Carte Neige:


1- Passes with discounts

  • Family pack, Tribu pack, Spring ski offer:

The order must be placed or cards recharged at least 3 days before the first ski day.


-Saturday offer:

Buy before midnight on Thursday to get the best price (the price increases a little every day thereafter).


2- Passes with no discounts = no need to order in advance


Recharging (except for Family pack, Tribu pack, Spring ski offer):

If you already have a card, you can order up to the last minute.

Home delivery: order at least 10 days before the first ski day.

Collection from dispensing machine: up to the last minute.

There is a family deal available at the sales desk, but it is less advantageous than the online offer.

The Tribu pack is not available from the sales desk.

The issue of discounted lift passes is banned under French legislation and subject to sanctions. It is illegal to propose discounted lift passes to permanent or secondary residents because it is against the principle of equality for public service users.


However, Sata Group does propose season passes at discounted prices that increase gradually as the start of the season approaches.


You can join the landlord programme to get other benefits:


The magnetic card (keycard) is mandatory as it contains your lift pass.


You cannot ski without a card. After purchase, the card belongs to you and cannot be refunded. There is no deposit system.


The card can be used from one year to the next and recharged using the long number indicated on it.

Yes, because transport tickets are personal.

Card with numbers starting with 01-1614… are compatible with our system.

Known incompatibility: cards from Chamrousse and Alpe du Grand Serre are not accepted.

Caution: we only guarantee the compatibility of SATA GROUP rechargeable cards. The Alpe d’Huez ski area cannot be held liable for the non-compatibility of rechargeable cards from other resorts.

Yes and no!

This is possible under 2 conditions:

If the pass is dated AND if the card does not already contain a valid season or undated day pass.

For example, you can charge a day pass for 15/07 and another day pass for Sunday 20/07.

No, because the dated offer will not be recognised by the terminal. Only undated, non-consecutive days will be recognised.

No, you will have to place a first order, paying €2 for the card, then wait for your pass to be delivered to get your card number.

Then you can order the additional passes. 

If there is not enough time, you will have to pay €2 for each pass you want to order.

The message will disappear once the whole number has been entered and the card number has been validated.

Caution: you must validate the number of a card you actually have. If you make a mistake with the number or enter the number of a card you no longer have, your pass will not be recognised by the terminal. In this case, you will have to go to the sales desk to request a duplicate.

This service is payable: €2 per day pass / €8 for a holiday pass.


Our website uses the 3D Secure system, which is a secure online payment protocol.

It improves payment reliability.

Customers are asked by their bank to authenticate every online purchase; this helps to reduce fraud. You have a limited period of time to enter a security code provided by your bank.

There are three possible reasons for a payment to be refused:

1- You did not enter the 3Dsecure code within the time limit. In this case, the payment is cancelled.

2- You did not receive a 3Dsecure code from your bank. In this case, contact your bank to activate the free online payment security tool.

3- The transaction amount exceeds your maximum payment limit. In this case, contact your bank to increase the limit temporarily.

If the payment is refused again, please contact our assistance +33 (0)4 76 33 91 96.

The sales process is as follows.

After payment, you will receive a card receipt via email and order confirmation indicating the number of your order.

If you do not receive this email, please check your spam folder or go to the website page: My Account / Log / Order.

If the order is not listed, it has not been validated.


Before you arrive: contact our teams with your order number and the information to be corrected.

When you arrive: go directly to the sales desks.

Before you arrive: contact our teams with your order number and the information to be corrected.


When you arrive: go directly to the sales desk to request a duplicate.

This service is payable: €2 per day pass / €8 for a holiday pass.

+ €2 for a new card if you need one.

Before you arrive: place a new order, indicating a different card number or purchasing a new card. Then contact our teams, indicating the number of the order to be cancelled and the number of the order to be fulfilled.

When you arrive: go directly to the sales desk to request a duplicate.

This service is payable: €2 per day pass / €8 for a holiday pass. + €2 per card if required

Lift passes are transport tickets and cannot be cancelled or refunded.

Exceptions: if you want to cancel a consecutive day or holiday pass and obtain a full refund at no charge, you must submit your cancellation request seven days before the first ski day.

Requests submitted less than 7 days in advance along with justifying documents will be examined on a case by case basis.

Please contact our teams and provide any justifying documents that you believe support your request.

A lift pass is personal; it may not be given, transferred or loaned free of charge or in exchange for payment.

Sale or loan of a lift pass constitutes fraud. The set fine is equal to FIVE times the value of the day pass for the Alpe d’Huez grand domaine ski area.

Contact our teams, indicating the number of the order concerned and the invoice for the pass purchased for Les Deux Alpes.

Caution! Do not use the pass purchased via our website. Contact customer service, indicating the order number and providing your invoice/ticket (in your name) for Tomorrowland Winter.

Orders are sent by post with a tracking number. Contact our teams to get the tracking number and contact your post office.

If the delivery has still not arrived at your address by the time you arrive, we will re-issue your order. However, you will have to purchase new cards.


If the delivery has arrived at your address by the time you arrive, we will issue duplicates.

This service is payable:

€2 per day pass / €8 for a holiday pass + €2 per card if required.

Each lift pass is issued with a sales receipt indicating the type of transport ticket, validity dates, unique number and insurance, if purchased. This receipt must be kept and presented for possible future use (lost pass, insurance, emergency rescue, etc.). The receipt is your proof of insurance, if purchased.


Online purchase: the order number and transaction summary must be presented with any later requests (loss, malfunction). They must also be provided in the event of an accident if insurance was purchased with the lift pass.

Don’t panic. On your first ski day, go to the sales desk and present your lift pass. We can add insurance.

The number of insurance days will be the same as the duration of the pass. The price is €3.50/day.


It is recommended to carry your pass on the left, away from cellphones, other smart cards and any packaging comprising aluminium

To extend your pass or start it earlier, take your card with the pass to the sales desk.

Go to the sales desk with your order number.

A duplicate order will be issued. This service is payable.

SATA Group charges €2 for each day pass and €8 for each holiday pass, plus €2 per card if required.

Sata Group will not make any gesture of goodwill if the mistake is yours.

Sata Group ne procède à aucun geste commercial à postériori si l’erreur vient de votre part.

Go to the sales desk with your receipt.

A duplicate order will be issued. This service is payable.

SATA Group charges €2 for each day pass and €8 for each holiday pass, plus €2 per card if required.

If you purchased insurance when you bought your lift pass, your evacuation is covered, and you will be refunded for any non-skied days, in compliance with the conditions defined by the insurance company.

In this case, please report your accident to

If you did not purchase this insurance, SATA Group will not cover the non-skied days.

However, you can contact your own insurance company (credit card, sports club license-holder, etc.). We can provide the documents you will require.

No credit note, postponement or refund will be proposed for transport tickets not used for reasons related to accidents, illness or any other personal situation (except for death of a close family member, justifying documents to be provided), regardless of the validity remaining. Transport ticket holders should find out about possible insurance policies before making any purchase.

There is no age for going into the mountains.

However, taking a ski lift implies a rapid change in altitude.

Generally speaking, it is not recommended to take a cable car or gondola lift before the age of 3. Rapid ascension can cause pain and even damage to the ears.

Children over 4 years old with no particular problems can take the lifts.

If the lifts and ski slopes are open, it means they are safe to use.

However, it can be more difficult in ski in certain weather conditions (fog, wind, rain, etc.). It is important to adapt to the conditions, for example by slowing down or skiing easier slopes than usual.

Weather is part of the mountain experience. You can still ski in snow, wind and cold temperatures. No credit, postponement or refund will therefore made for lift passes.

Only total closure of all lifts lasting for more than half a day (more than 4 hours) may give rise to compensation for the prejudice suffered by users.

Consult our general terms and conditions of sale for details of compensation: ART 6 line C.

In the event of a storm, please contact the sales desks. Our teams will be able to inform you of the weather forecast and any specific conditions.

Pedestrian access: DMC 1 + 2 from Alpe d’Huez – by the roundabout at the bottom of the slopes (Rond-point des Pistes)

Poutran 1 and 2, then DMC 2 from Oz en Oisans

Every day, subject to snow conditions.

Opening hours: 9am-4.45pm

If you already have a valid lift pass: tickets for the ice cave are sold on site.


Dogs are accepted on certain lifts; they must be kept on leash.

The lift operator may refuse access if they consider that the dog represents a danger or a inconvenience to other users.

List of lifts accepting dogs here

The following are accepted: equipment certified “AVEL” by STRMTG

Snowscoot: equipment with two independent skids, user in standing position (Biboard, Insane Toys, Bike board Snow, Blackmoutain, Scoot’Daines, EVO-Snow, R2S, Myshape, SM, R Pure); leash mandatory.

You must be on one end of the chairlift and use two seats.

Exceptions: special equipment (with “AVEL”) not permitted in the ski area:

Skibob (equipment with two independent skids, user in sitting position, Snowbike, Winter X Bike, VS Firem, ATSB, Sledgehammer, Kit Gigantic), Trikke Skki, SMX, Skirider, Three Planking, Cool Seven, Micro Snow Scooter, Yooner, Luge Crozon, Speedel Snow, etc.

List of authorised lifts here


Online purchase: your purchase confirmation includes a link to download an invoice. Invoices are available from your account page:

    My account > Log > Orders > Details > Invoice


Purchase from the sales desks: Ask for an invoice when buying at the sales desk. We can provide an invoice, but you must keep your receipt anyway.

Please contact our teams, indicating the name of the skier and the lift pass validity dates.

Please contact our teams, indicating the name of the person concerned and the long number on their lift pass (number starting with 01-1614 or 7133…).

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