My mountain: I love it, I preserve it

Which are the CONCRETE ACTIONS implemented to limit the impact of winter sports on the environment? 

In October 2020, Domaines Skiables de France adopted 16 national eco-commitments to preserve the mountains. 


Of course, we are part of this proactive approach. Conscious that the mountains on which our ski lifts are located are a precious resource for us, we have been working for several years to minimise our environmental footprint and preserve the mountains. 


Do you care about the environment and want to respect it as much as possible for future generations? Find out more about our actions in the Oz-Vaujany sector. 


Responsible snow grooming

Use of Gas-To-Liquids
Regarding snow grooming, we are the first ski area to have generalised the use of GTL (Gas-To-Liquids) for its groomers. This innovative fuel, produced from gas, contains no impurities. It offers a much cleaner alternative to conventional diesel. What's more, it's odourless and biodegradable. The additional cost of using this fuel represents a significant budget for the company, but we see it as a priority investment.
Our snow groomer drivers are all trained in eco-driving, The training of our snow groomer drivers in eco-driving allows them to optimize the performance of their machines and control their fuel consumption A GPS system installed on the snow groomers records snow depth in real time. This fine-tuned management of the snowpack enables us to increase the length of time the slopes are open and to produce just the right amount of snow.
Optimising our snow gun fleet
We are optimising our fleet of snow guns by gradually replacing the old ones with the latest generation. This means that air consumption, and therefore energy consumption, Which divided by ten the air consumption, hence, energy consumption. They also produce better high-quality snow, which means fewer hours of grooming and much greater skiing pleasure!

Infrastructure and acces

For our work projects and equipment maintenance, we privilege local contractors and suppliers as much as possible to use sub-contractors and suppliers as close as possible to Oz and Vaujany in order to encourage local employment and reduce transport-related emissions. 


We are gradually replacing our old lighting with low-energy LED bulbs. Our operating buildings are gradually being renovated and insulated. 

Renewal of ski lifts

Adapting lift speed

We adapt the speed of our ski lifts according to the number of skiers, in order to control our energy consumption. Our facilities are powered by electricity from nearby hydroelectric dams. The Grand’Maison hydro-electric complex, located in the communes of Oz, Vaujany and Allemond, is the most powerful in Europe. 


In December 2020, we commissioned the Eau d’Olle Express. This cable car links Allemond directly to Oz-en-Oisans in 8 minutes, reducing road traffic. For your information, based on the 150,000 peopl based on the 150 000 users, the Eau d’Olle Express helps reducing about 240 tonnes of CO Faune et flore préservées 

Preserving wildlife and vegetation

Before carrying out any work on the estate, we identify the environmental issues at stake, particularly with regard to wildlife, vegetation and wetlands. Once we have completed the work on the slopes, we replace the topsoil that has previously been stockpiled and sow the areas with endemic seeds. 


To protect the birds, we use visual aids to help preventing them from hitting the cables.  (The devices look like the image on your left)