The resort

From Saturday 29th June to Saturday 31st August 2024.


Yes, to take advantage of special offers available exclusively on the WEB.

Yes, so you can set off on your bike without going to the checkout.

Yes, if the lift passes are dated and if your card is empty (no valid lift pass: season or day pass not dated). E.g. I am loading a day pass for 15/07 and a day pass for Sunday 20/07.

No, dated promotions are not recognised at the terminal. Only non-consecutive, non-dated days will be taken into account.

No, you will need to place an initial order for the €2 and obtain a card number: you will then be able to order additional packages. If lead times are too short, you will have to pay €2 in advance for each package ordered.

Students must present a student card or proof of school attendance. Free tickets for children under 5 and pedestrians over 72 must be accompanied by proof of age (and a photo for all passes of 2 days or more).

No, offers cannot be combined.

Example: ski passes sold with ski school lessons for children under 13 years old and with a level equal to or lower than 1st star cannot be combined with the family pack.

My order

1st purchase (excluding promotions)

For home delivery: at least 10 days before the 1st day of ski pass use. For collection at the ticket office: at least 2 days before your 1st day on the lifts (e.g. Friday midnight for a lift pass starting on Sunday morning).

Reloading (excluding promotions)

If you already have a ski pass, you can order until the last minute.

Special offers : Family pack, Tribe pack and reloading for stays of 6 days or more

Order at least 7 days before the 1st day of lift use.

Saturday promotion

For home delivery: at least 10 days before the chosen Saturday. For collection at the ticket office at least 2 days before the chosen Saturday. Please note: there is a deadline of midnight on Tuesday to get the best discount (after that, the price goes up each day).

The message disappears when the input is complete and the card number validated.

Please note: you must validate the numbers on a card that you physically have in your hand. If you make a mistake when entering a number or if you no longer have a card in your possession, the terminal will not recognise your pass. In this case, you will have to ask for a duplicate at the ticket office (paying service).

Only cards beginning with 01-1614 can be reloaded.

The order number and transaction summary must be presented in the event of a subsequent request (loss, malfunction). They will be required in the event of an accident if insurance has been purchased with the package.

When you place your 1st order, you will need to create a login (identifier) and a password so that the information on the skier(s) and the details of the ‘payer’ can be memorised. This will speed up future orders.

Not receiving confirmation does not mean that the order has not been registered. Before placing another order, please ask for verification by telephone. (+33(0)4 76 33 91 96) or by e-mail via the link ‘contact us’.

Some packages are available by mail order. Make your request :

By post to :

SATA Service Forfaits – BP 54 –

38750 ALPE D’HUEZ – France

By e-mail to sav@sataski.com

By fax to +(33) 4 76 80 48 64

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