For winter 2020-2021, discover the biggest investments in the French mountains.

All this with the aim of improving your experience in the ski area!


L'Eau d'Olle Express from d'Allemond

Ski on the Alpe d'Huez, a large area from Allemond with the new Eau d'Olle Express gondola. Less road for more skiing, reach the slopes in less than 8 minutes!

Less than 45 minutes from Grenoble and 1h40 from Lyon, the Eau d'Olle Express gondola will connect the village of Allemond to the Oz en Oisans station for a journey time of less than 8 minutes instead of 20 minutes on mountain road.

Access to the Alpe d'Huez large domain has never been so quick! You will be able to benefit from cabins for 10 seats and an arrival directly on the slopes.

From there you join:

  • Alpe d'Huez by the Poutran gondola

  • Vaujany and the Montfrais area by the Alpette cable car and thus discover the new teleport combining seats and cabins from Clos Giraud

  • The Dôme des Rousses at an altitude of 2800m by the Alpette cable car and the Dôme des Rousses cable car

By reducing the flow of cars, Eau d'Olle Express will significantly reduce emissions of polluting particles and CO2. This new device will run on electricity coming mainly from the Grand Maison dam located in the immediate vicinity.

This ski lift is the very first in the French Alps of a new generation of device and prefigures good mountain travel practices.

Clos Giraud from Montfrais

This winter, the new Clos Giraud mixed teleport, equipped with 6-seater seats and 10-seater cabins, will allow skiers even faster access to the Alpette plateau located at an altitude of 2100m and access door to the whole of Alpe d'Huez Grand domaine.

This new extremely comfortable teleported device is equipped with both 6-seater seats and 10-seater Porsche Design cabins. It covers 2,450 meters in 8 minutes to link the Montfrais plateau to the Alpette sector.

Its throughput is scalable and will gradually increase from 1,450 to 2,500 people / hour. This ski lift offers new possibilities for skiing. Children will reach the ski discovery area located between the Alpette and Montfrais more quickly and with more comfort. This new equipment will radically develop Vaujany's ski offer, improving the flow of visitors throughout the ski area.